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Via Expo Ltd

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Via Expo
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Via Expo Ltd

Via Expo
11th South-East European Eco Forum & Exhibitions on Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities & Green Energy, Waste Management & Recycling

11 - 13 March 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

The SEE Forum and Exhibitions will promote the latest sustainable technologies and encourage their large-scale implementation in South-East Europe. Strong international presence, significant interaction hub between all value chain players and conference topics on up-to-date issues have built up the event reputation as one of the preferred in the Region. It is an effective exposure and networking platform for international and local industry representatives of business, state authorities, research centers and universities.

The event scope 2015 includes:

• Smart Cities: energy management, smart grid and energy storage, intelligent buildings, lighting, ICT,

e-mobility and smart transport, emergency and security.

• Save the Planet: waste collection, transportation, waste treatment, landfill management and operations, waste-to-energy, recycling and services.

• Save the Life - Emergency, Rescue and Safety Management and Control - NEW!

• Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: energy efficient solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and other manufacturing sectors; renewable energy, waste-to-energy, etc.

The perspectives of the SE European market:

The climate changes and natural sources depletion are the key prerequisite for the countries in South-East Europe to invest in eco-friendly technologies and to adapt their legislation, as well as to apply the advanced foreign experience.

Various funding and grants from a wide range of programs present significant opportunities for the EU state members. The new Program period 2014-2020 aims to fund the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. The programs will facilitate and improve access to finance to enterprises, which is considered as one of the main stumbling blocks to growth and development to date. The companies will be able to make use of the financial support, provided by the related Programs.

Take advantage of the latest information and market insight, generate new contacts and establish your company presence in South-East Europe through a participation in the 11th SEE Exhibitions and Forum.

Useful Links:

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Photo Gallery ‘EE & RE’ Photo Gallery ’Smart Cities’ Photo Gallery’ Save the Planet’

Via Expo Ltd
Страна: Болгария
Н. п.: Sofia
Телефон: (+359-32) 960011, 966813
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Via Expo Ltd
Via Expo
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Via Expo
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Via Expo

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